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We cooperate with some international companies and we select them respect with the project’s aspects and integrate all required services to achieve optimal solution and the best execution. 


Procurement :

We Supply various Industrial Equipment, Machinery, Instrument, Material and so from Trusty suppliers and vendors all around the world.




Process Engineering :

In areas of Onshore Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals and Chemicals

  • Technology Selection
  • Feasibility and Conceptual Studies
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering Design
  • Design Audits
  • Process Simulation
  • Heat and Material Balances, Process Flow Diagrams
  • Process Optimization
  • Process Control Philosophy (in conjunction with Instrument & Control Engineering)
  • Process Shutdown Philosophy (in conjunction with Instrument & Control Engineering)
  • Cause and Effect Diagrams
  • Fluid flow, Line sizing and Pressure drop calculations
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Equipment Lists
  • Equipment Rating and Specification
  • Process Equipment Sizing
  • Process Electrical Power/Utility Requirements
  • Piping and Equipment Material Selection Guide
  • Insulation and Heat Tracing Requirements
  • Safety Reports
  • Hazardous Properties of Materials Processed
  • Hazard and Operability Studies
  • Relief Valve Data Specification and Valve Sizing
  • Control Valve Data Specification
  • Instrument Lists
  • Catalyst and Chemicals Usage Requirements
  • Scale-up Design

The specialised services provided by our Iran Office are:

  • Energy conservation through Pinch Analysis
  • Gas / solid reaction engineering for Pyridine/ Picoline and Cyano-Pyridine systems
  • Narrow cut distillation separations for Naphtha Products
  • Novel vent gas collection system covering both positive and negative pressure vent gas sources along with atmospheric system.
  • Failure analysis of a gas-solid reactor tube rupture and associated plant shut down
  • Design / Engineering of Fired Heater systems with large turn down ratio
  • Composite analysis of a fluidised bed reactor system for flow induced as well as mechanical vibration .
  • Study in gathering and dehydration of Coal Based Methane.


Instrument and Control Engineering :

  • Pre Engineering Site Survey
  • Instrumentation Design Basis
  • Control Philosophy and Specification
  • DCS Specification and Detail Engineering
  • RTU / SCADA Specification and Detail Engineering
  • ESD System Specification and Detail Engineering
  • Fire and Gas Detection System Philosophy and Specification
  • Custody Transfer Metering System Specification
  • Data Sheet / Specification for Instruments, Control Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Shutdown Valves, Etc using In Tools / Instrucalc.
  • Sizing for Control Valves, Flow Elements, Safety Valves, Etc
  • 3D PDS Modelling for Cable Tray, Junction Box, Panels, Etc
  • Instrument Bulk Material Take Off
  • Control Room Design including Panel, Console Layouts
  • Cable Selection, Schedule
  • Cable Tray Layout and Conduit Plan
  • Instrument Installation Hookups
  • Instrument Loop Diagram
  • Procurement Engineering – Request for Quotation, Technical Queries, Technical Bid Analysis, Purchase Specification
  • Vendor Data Review
  • Installation & Commissioning Check List

Vessel Engineering :

Mechanical design of heat exchangers to TEMA and other standards

Mechanical design of pressure vessels, columns, reactors, tanks and other fabricated equipment to national codes including:

  • ASME Section VIII Div. 1 & Div. 2
  • BS5500
  • API
  • European Design Codes
  • Specification of equipment in carbon steel, low alloy, high alloy, lined (glass or plastic) steel

Vessels - columns, pressure vessels, drums, separators, slug catchers

API Tanks

Pig traps, launchers, receivers


Heat exchanges - shell and tubes, air cooled

Fired Equipment - fired heaters, water bath heaters, flares, ground flares


Mechanical Engineering :

  • Rotating machinery - gas turbine, gas engine, electric motor driven units
  • Pump technology - centrifugal, positive displacement, reciprocating
  • Power generators - gas turbine, gas engines, diesel engines, emergency generators.


Electrical Engineering :

  • Electrical design capability for project including:
  • Power generation and system design
  • HV and LV transmission and distribution
  • HV and LV substation design and specification
  • Power system studies including load flow, Short circuit, etc.using EDSA software
  • Cable system design, scheduling and take-off
  • Lighting, small power, lightning protection and grounding system design.
  • Preparation of control wiring
  • Preparation of materials control schedules
  • Uninterruptable power supplies- design and specification
  • Electrical heat tracing system design
  • Cathodic protection system design.


Layout & Piping Engineering :

  • Site surveys
  • Plot Plans and equipment Layouts
  • Piping General Arrangement drawings
  • Isometric Drawings and Materials quantities using computerized techniques
  • Pipe Stress Engineering
  • Pipe, Fittings, Valve Selection, Specification and Materials Engineering
  • Material Take-off, Requisitioning and Vendor drawing review.
  • Pipe Support Design
  • Comprehensive 2D and 3D Design of Plants using AutoCAD, PDS (based on client preferences).

Civil/Structural Engineering :

  • Topographical Surveys
  • Supervision of Geotechnical Surveys
  • Underground Services Design
  • Roads Design
  • Foundations design for Static and Dynamic Loads
  • Architectural Services ranging from preliminary studies to detail designs
  • Building design, including blast resistant buildings
  • Design of retaining wall and earthworks
  • Water retaining structures
  • Structural Steel work Design
  • Structural Analysis
    • Plane and Space Frame
    • Finite Element
    • Dynamic
  • Seismic Design
  • Design of modular structures for onshore transportation
  • AUTOCAD, PDMS and PDS draughting services

Preparation of Bill of Quantities and Specifications


Metallurgy & Welding :

  • Material Selection (Metallic and Non-Metallic)
  • Specification and Supervision of Fabrication and Welding
  • Corrosion Protection including Paints, Coatings and Cathodic Protection
  • Failure investigation and troubleshooting on material related problems.



Safety and Fire Engineering


HSE is top of our priorities . From senior management to employees , we are committed to three simple goals:

  • No harm to people
  • No harm to environment
  • No damage to equipment
  • Advice and implementation of safety legislation including Safety Management Systems
  • Safety assessments and safety studies
  • Specification of safety equipment
  • Design of fire and gas detection and protection systems, including water sprinkler and deluge, foam, CO2 Halon, dry powder
  • Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP)
  • Hazard Analyses (HAZAN); Quantified Risk Assessments (QRA)
  • Preparation of Safety Case and CIMAH Documentation; liaising with regulatory authorities
  • Safety Audits
  • Availability reliability, maintainability and safety assessments (ARMS or RAMS)

Step by step:

  • Analysis – before any project is started up to identify potential hazards
  • Assessment – of associated risk to implement controls to manage them
  • Attitude – make HSE a part of PFA personality and culture
  • Attention – to every situation
  • Accountability – HSE is a part of our internal and external performance evaluation
  • Audits – demonstrate and ensure compliance with standards



Computer Aided Engineering :

  • Extensive use of computer aided engineering and design systems is part of PFA Engineers & Constructors activities. An integrated CAE system is in operation including full 3D Modelling (PDMS and PDS). The following disciplines use CAE systems:-
    • Process
    • Layout & Piping
    • Instruments / Control
    • Electrical
    • Civil / Structural

In addition to the above an extensive range of computer programs exist in support of the various engineering calculation routines.



Telecommunications :

  • Telecommunications philosophy and specification for voice, data and control
  • Local communication network philosophy and specification incorporating public address, telephone, alarm call, paging and portable radio systems
  • Operational and emergency communications philosophy
  • Surveillance system specifications
  • Navigational equipment specifications
  • Closed circuit television specifications
  • Personnel information and entertainment specifications
  • Telemetry and tele-control philosophy and specifications
  • System installation design
  • Optical fibre communication systems
  • Pipeline SCADA systems with remote telemetry



Onshore Pipeline Engineering & Design :

  • Onshore (Oil & Gas, Terminals and Pipelines)
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refineries



Interface Engineering :

A close inter departmental interface, vendor interface and physical interface as applicable will be carried out during various stages of the contracts execution.

  • Inter-departmental interface

A close interaction between all disciplines involved in a project like Process, Piping, Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Pipelines & Operations for technical interface.

  • Vendor interface
    • Vendor Document Control as per vendor document requirement schedule
    • Ensuring compliance with requisition requirements
    • Critical aspects such as utility requirements, overall size, weight, nozzle orientation etc.
  • Physical interface control
    • Inter department
    • Piping & Instrumentation departments for instrument hook up connection
    • Vendor packaged items for tie-in points
    • Battery limit connections, tie-ins to existing facilities.