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Drilling Equipment and Spares

Petrofarayand Alvand is supplier of products of King Oil Tools and American Block Companies which are operated in USA.



King Oil Tools, world’s leading manufacturer of

  • Swivel,
  • Elevator links,
  • Rotary heads,,
  • Circulating heads


American Block has been serving since 1979 in drilling sector with drilling machine equipments designing and manufacturing. It also deals with the reparation of drilling equipments.


American Block


- Mud Pumps

- Drawworks
- Rotary Table

- Hook

- Travelling Blocks

- Crown Blocks
- Swivel
- Sheaves



- Pulsation Dampners

- Deadline Anchors

- Oilfield Transmission

- Hammer Unions

- Swivel Joints

- Plug Valves

- Integral Fittings & Pup Joints

- Cementing & Circulating Hoses

- Ring Gaskets

- Reset Relief Valves

- Shear Valves