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Rock Bits

Petrofarayand Alvand is Supplier of Throop Rock Bit company, Which is operated in ABD and manufactures small diameter tricone bits. 


Throop Rock Bit Company manufactures tungsten carbide cobra type and steel toothed type rock bits for petroleum, mining, seismic exploration, water well drilling, ground works applications. There are both open bed and closed bed bits. With Nozzle Configuration, there are normal circulation or jet circulation type designs.



Tungsten Carbide (Cobra) Bits...


Manufactured by being modeled in electronic environment, insert bits supply maximum efficiency by disposing deviation and distorted rotation.


It is designed for high advancement speed, long bit life and long lasting.


It has sharp, conical and nodular inserts according to various formations.



Steel Thooted Bits...


With long thooth life and high advancement speed, Throop Rock Bit steel thooted bits are used in lots of drilling application in the World for many years.



Closed-Bed Bits...


Bed life is an indicative factor for bit performance because of this reason Throop Rock Bit Company manufactures closed-bed bit series.


In Steel thooted type and tungsten carbide (cobra) type manufactured closed-bed bits are ahead of their competitors with their long bed life.


Beds are covered by safe guards which are made by maximum conversation and long lasting supplier saturated nitryl.