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Drilling and Well Completion Rigs

Supplying of GEFCO Products


GEFCO was founded in 1931. GEFCO acquired SpeedStar in 1989 and become more powerful .GEFCO is a unique company that can manufacture more than 100 models of rigs with different configurations and technology.




GEFCO Drill and Workover Rigs;
- Top Drive technology

- Short mobilization and demobilization times

- Doesn't require too much area



With the Top Drive technology; penetration rate increases, drilling is more safe and the problems are minimized...



Petrofarayand Alvand presents:

- SpeedStar 185K

- SpeedStar 1100

GEFCO rigs that can be used for oil, gas and geothermal drilling applications.


GEFCO Drilling Rigs

SS 185K






Drilling Type Top Drive

Top Drive


 Pull Back Capacity

185.000 lb

83.950 kg

300.000 lb

136.100 kg


Drilling Capacity with

 3 1/2" Drill Pipe (13,3 lb/ft)

3.000 meters 5.000 meters
Drilling Capacity with

 4 1/2" Drill Pipe (16,6 lb/ft)

2.250 meters 4.000 meters

9 5/8" Casing ( 43,5 lb/ft)

Setting Capacity

800 meters 1.500 meters