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Petrofarayand Alvand Co. - Oil and Gas Devision

Petro Farayand Alvand Engineering and Management Company (PFA) Established in 2004 with the first mission of engineering and management services in the oil and gas projects. PFA’s Managing Director is one of the experienced and familiar directors in national projects at the areas of oil, gas and Power.


PFA's basic mission is to suggest the best solutions to the clients, contractors and consultants in Power plants, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industry, to adjust and regulate their systems to a specific level or condition to enable them to reach at the best state of being in their miscellaneous projects based on up-to-dated procedural methods.


At Now PFA also offer turnkey engineering, procurement and construction solutions in the areas of oil, gas, power and marine, although we are going on the way of integrated services in the Energy & Infrastructure sectors.